18U (Midget) Division Rules

Updated Friday May 9, 2014 by South Central Minor Baseball.

  1. Pitching distance is 60' 6" feet and the baselines are 90 feet.
  2. A team may start the game with 7 or 8 players. An automatic out will be charged for the 8th and or 9th batters (SC league rule only).
    1. Late-arriving players are to be inserted into the lineup with no penalty.
    2. In case of an ejection, the re-entry rule MAY NOT BE USED and the game is thus forfeited.
    3. In case of injury see 4.03 Injury Rule in the MBA Handbook. 
      1. Only players that have not been in the game are eligible.
  3. Games are seven innings.
  4. Run limit - 6 runs per inning, or 3 outs, whichever comes first. Exception: Last inning will be an open (no run limit).
    1. This differs from Baseball Manitoba rules and applies to league-play only
  5. If a team is up 10 runs or more after 5 innings, 4½ if home team, the game shall be declared over. If a game is called because of rain or darkness before 3 innings (2½ if home) the game shall be declared no contest and must be replayed.
  6. 9 players shall be in the batting order. 
    1. A pitcher once removed from the mound cannot re-enter as a pitcher.
    2. Re-entry (See Baseball Manitoba Handbook)
      1. All players in the starting batting order shall be permitted to re-enter the game once but MUST bat in the same batting position. Once a pitcher has been removed from the pitching position, even though he re-enters the game, he may NOT pitch again.
      2. A DESIGNATED HITTER will be allowed for the pitcher only.
  7. Wood and composite bats are to be used.
  8. There are NO restrictions as to the number of pitchers that may be used in a game.
  9. Any player on the team is eligible to pitch. SEE ALTERNATE PLAYERS RULE (Over-age Players are not Permitted).
  10. Pitchers and coaches MUST follow the pitch count/rest guidelines (see chart).
    1. Pitch-count must be recorded for all league, exhibition, and tournament games.
    2. Pitchers and Catchers – Baseball Manitoba Hand Book-Page 101 – read it and know it.
    3. Once a player assumes the role of pitcher, they cannot catch for the remainder of the day. A player is allowed to catch and then pitch in the same game or the same day.  However a player cannot pitch and then catch in the same game or day.
  11. All other rules as per Baseball Manitoba/Baseball Canada will apply.
  12. Check with Baseball Canada NCCP for updated coaching requirements.